Niven Tablet #1055 “Symbol of the Creator Deity- God speaks through the mouth of Mu…”

Found at Remedios 5 miles from Mexico City
“God speaks through the mouth of Mu – The Lands of the West.”
From Copies of Stone Tablets Found By William Niven at Santiago Ahuizoctla Near Mexico City
page 37


No. 1055. Dissection and deciphering.
Fig. 1. This is the Uighur or Northern pattern of the Sun as Ra, the Symbol of the Creator, the Deity.
Fig. 2. This is a three-pointed figure. One of the principal symbols of Mu. Her numeral symbol.
Fig. 3. Is a tongue, the symbol of talk and speech. This tongue projects from Ra: therefore, it is the speech of the Deity.
Fig. 4 This is another tongue but is connected to both Ra and Mu, so it is the Creator, the Deity, that is speaking through Mu.
Legend. The Creator, the Deity speaks through the mouth of Mu.

From Lost Continent of Mu pages 253-254

“The Lord God speaks through the mouth of Mu”
From Sacred Symbols of Mu page 171

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