William Niven excavated numerous sites of archaeological significance in the 1920s in the Valley of Mexico and documented the discovery of 2600 stone tablets. Scientific analysis of these Valley of Mexico stone tablet discoveries are not well documented and one of the only resources for images of the tablets are the books of James Churchward.
It is the purpose of this webpage to provide images of the tablets and collect any interpretations that may provide information about the meaning of the symbols presented.
Any person with insight on the meaning of the tablets is urged to provide comments and/or become an editor to modify the original posts to add their data. Also, if the location of any of the tablets is known, that should be added to the posts as well.
The goal is to discover what the tablets really mean.

December 2015 – Recent scientific examination has cast doubt on the authenticity of Niven’s tablet discoveries in the Valley of Mexico as mentioned here. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.
May 2016

Recently published, STOMcover The Stone Tablets of Mu contains a complete copy of James’ 1927 book Copies of Stone Tablets Found by William Niven at Santiago Ahuizoctla Near Mexico City and research on these special tablets.